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War Museum, Saxonworld JHB

MAP/directions S25.883628 , E29.256514
Viewing from 09:00am - 11:45am, Auction starts at 12:00am
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Updated Products

.470 Charles Boswell Double Rifle
25 3/4" (654mm) barrels, good bores. A boxlock non-ejector, manual safety version.Ramp front sight and 1 standing and 2 folding leaves rear sight. Action with doll's head and cross-bolt, polished and plain. Medium-dark walnut with very good figure chequer
.22lr Voere Semi-auto Rifle
Junior edition of a "Tommy gun".100 round circular magazine, Barrel is 17" (432mm). Cast action, polymer forearm,pistol grip and stock.
7x57mm Brno Rifle
New barrel to original profile. 24" (610mm) long.Ramp front and 2 leaf rear sight.
.425 Westley Richards Rifle
24"(610mm) barrel, very good bore. Ramp front sight and single "V" blade rear sight. Mauser large ring action, cross-bolt at the rear.
.220 Swift Winchester Mod.70 Rifle
26" (660mm) barrel, no iron sights, threaded for a silencer. Scope is a Nikko Stirling 6-24x56 Nighteater. Dark walnut stock with some figure shows 20LPI chequering to forearm and grip panels. Chequered steel butt-plate.
.416 Rigby Mauser Rifle by Truvelo
Massive 24 3/8" (620mm) barrel, excellent bore. Ramp front and 3 blade rear sight. M98 action drilled & tapped for scope bases,filled with screws. Old sporting style of mag release catch for floor-plate. Dark walnut with figure and barring. Two recoil cro
.375 H&H Mag. Cogswell & Harrison Rifle
26" (660mm)new barrel. Ramp front- sight and 3 folding leaf rear sight. M98 action with peep-sight at the back of the bolt. Fixed mag floor-plate. Classic British sporter stock with cheek-piece, flat-top chequering. Good colour and figure. Solid Silver's
30/06 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifle
24"(610mm) barrel, good bore.Ramp front sight, rear sight removed. Schmidt& Bender 4x36 scope fitted. Classic spoon-handle bolt and rotary magazine. Medium walnut with figure, chequered to 20LPI to wrap-around forearm pattern and grip sides. Single trigge
.375 H&H Mag. Mauser Rifle
24" (610mm) barrel,good bore. ramp front sight,single leaf"V"rear sight. A Zeiss Diatal-C 4x32 scope is fitted. M98 action with side safety. Medium-dark walnut with good figure shows exceptional chequering patterns to grip sides and wrap-around forearm.
30/06 Boehler Rifle
26 1/4" (665mm) new barrel by Bill Ritchie.No iron sights. A Bushnell 1.5-4x Banner scope fitted on a side-mount to standard M98 action with a fixed mag floor-plate, Monte Carlo stock with cheek-piece in medium walnut with good figure. Wrap-around for en