Category A: Collectables - Auction 36

Lot  Description  Estimate
1 "Leg-O-Mutton" Gun Case R 550.00
  Carry strap missing, some scuffing to leather. Solid brass catch. Fair to good condition, should clean-up well.  
2 Artillery Luger Holster R 950.00
  Black leather, complete with cleaning tool. Dated 1917. Good original condition but for missing brass retaining stud.  
3 German 9mmp  MP28 Magazine R 1750.00
  Good original condition.  
4 "Leg-O-Mutton" Gun Case R 550.00
  Retaining plug at bottom of case needs to be restitched. Fair to good condition.  
5 .177 Webley "Tempest" Air Pistol R 7540.00
  Very good condition.  
6 .177 Webley "Junior" Air Pistol R 850.00
  Very good condition.  
7  Leupold Vari-X 2,5-8X Pistol Scope R 1500.00
  As new in box.  
8 Hensoldt Wetzlar 4X Scope & G3 Mount R 4250.00
  Nato Military issue scope for G3 rifle complete with QD see-through mount, carrying case & operator's manual. All excellent condition.  
9 4-10X Pecar Berlin Scope R 3850.00
  26mm Tube. Scope is new in box with leather covers, Weaver rings & instruction manual. All as new.  
10 Malcolm Type Scope Including Mount R 2500.00
  Length 19,75", diameter 3/4", appears to be 3X magnification. Similar to early breech-loader/muzzle-loader scopes. QD sidemount. All good condition.  
11 3-9x42 Kahles Scope R 1750.00
  26mm Tube, duplex reticle with fine top post. Good condition.  
12 ZF69-6x42 Kahles Scope R 1450.00
  Duplex reticle, 26mm tube. Good condition.  
13 4X90 Ajack rifle Scope R 1500.00
  Ajack scopes were used on both Swedish M41 and Nazi sniper rifles. Objective lens =44m, Ocular lens =38mm, tube = 26,5mm. Adjustment housing marked "Ajack Germany 4X90 7008". Good original condition.  
14 Swarovski 4x33 Habicht Diana 4 Scope R 1000.00
  Early model with elevation adjustment only to scope, windage adjustment on mount. 26mm Tube.  
15 Redfield 20X Target Scope. R 1750.00
  Regarded as one of the premier target scopes in its day, the Redfield has 1/4 minute external adjustments as well as parallax settings. Supplied in manufacturer's hard case with mounts. Excellent condition.  
19 .455 Webley Spares Kits x 2. R 900.00
  Grips & all loose components  excluding. barrel, cylinder & frame for Marks 2-5 service revolver.  
20 .455 Webley Spares Kits X 2. R 900.00
  Grips & all loose components excluding barrel, cylinder & frame for Marks 2-5 service revolver.  
21 .455 Webley Spares Kit x 2 R 890.00
  Grips & all loose components excluding barrel, cylinder & frame for Mks 2-5.  
22 .455 Mk1 Webley Spares Kit R 650.00
  Grips & all loose components excluding barrel, cylinder & frame for Boer War vintage Mk1 service revolver.  
23 12ga. Lee Load-All kit R 400.00
  Shotgun reloading kit. As new in box.  
25 .303 "Long Lee" Cut-Away Armourer's Rifle. R 1250.00
  Skeletonised rifle with working parts exposed for instruction purposes. "Long Lee" variants are scarce. Very good condition.  
28 "Artillery of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. R 950.00
  Leather-bound, signed limited edition, no.37 of 100 by Lionel Crook. The definitive book on the Anglo-Boer War artillery. Unissued copy.  
29 Artillery Luger Holster rig. Repro R 1850.00
  Brown leather holster complete with straps, shoulder stock, magazine pouch & cleaning rod. Very good condition.  
30 Artillery Luger Snail Drum Magazine. R 6750.00
  Serial number to back & front of magazine. Early arsenal refinish with very light pitting under finish to upper body of magazine, otherwise good condition.  
31 P-08 Luger Holster-Repro. R 700.00
  A good reproduction in black leather, marked "KERN KLOGER & CIE. 1936 BERLIN".  
32 Medallions X 11 R 450.00
  Various shooting & military medallions including; National Small Bore Rifle Assoc. in Gold, Silver & bronze. Danie Theron combat school, SWA Territory Force, SADF Equestrian Centre, SADF Infantry, Cadet Junior Springboks, 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment, French & Polish? medals. All very good condition.  
33 7,62 x 39mm Magazines AK 35rd. X 5. R 1000.00
  Good condition.  
34 .223 R4/LM4 Magazines 35rd. X 6 R 950.00
  Good condition.  
35 7,62mm FN-FAL/R1 Magazines 20rd. x 14. R 1400.00
  Good condition.  
36 .45acp Thompson 30rd. Stick Magazines x 4. R 1000.00
  Unissued in original military packaging.  
37 .233 LM4/R4 Magazines 50rd. x 4. R 1000.00
  Very good condition.  
38 Magazines Mauser 98 x 6. R 900.00
  Detachable 3rd. magazines for M98 Mauser sporting rifles. Suitable for standard calibers, .243/7x57mm/.270win, .308win, .30-06 etc. New.  
39 Magazines Asstd. X 35. R 1500.00
  Mixed parcel including; LM4 35rd. x 2, Star Super B 16 & 32rd., 12ga. Mag-12, 12ga. Mossberg bolt-action x 2,  assorted pistol magazines x 28.  
40 9mmp Norinco M213 Magazines x 27 R 1350.00
  Good used condition.  
41 .22lr. Ruger 10/22 Magazines x 2. R 400.00
  Factory rotary magazines. Excellent condition.  
42 G3 Magazines 20rd. x 4 R 800.00
  Good condition.  
43 .45acp Colt Govt. Magazines x 4. R 400.00
  Good condition.  
44 BMC "Mini-Moke" Motor Car. R 25000.00
  No.315 of 350 ordered by the Rhodesia Government in 1967. Supplied in kit form and assembled in Umtali, the bulk of these were issued to the BSAP for rural Policing duties. Vehicle has been professionally dismantled, sandblasted, body sealed & fully assembled for restoration. 850cc Engine has been upgraded with a 1000cc unit & 4 new tyres fitted. Vehicle available for viewing at Fernmin, specialist Mini restorer in Johannesburg.  
45 Powder flasks x 3. Repro. R 750.00
  Hawksley copper pistol flask, "US" brass rifle flask plus US brass "cap n ball" flask with ball cavity. All very good condition.