Category E: Modern Handguns-Auction 36  
1 .45acp Tanfoglio IPSC Pistol R 4500.00
  Full-house "Race gun" with compensator and wide angle electro-dot scope fitted. Double stack magazine. Complete with competition belt/holster rig & two spare magazines.  
2 .22 Hornet Thompson-Center Contender Carbine. R 4500.00
  Super 16" barrel with factory synthetic rifle stock & 3-9X40 Tasco scope fitted. Can also be used in pistol configuration. Excellent condition.  
3 .30/30win. Thompson Center Pistol barrel. R 2500.00
  "Super 14" barrel with open sights plus Tasco 1,5X20 pistol scope. Both in excellent condition.  
4 .44mag Thompson Center Pistol barrel. R 1250.00
  "Super 14" barrel. Complete with fore-sight. Barrel drilled for scope base. Very good condition.  
5 9mmp Smith & Wesson Mod 910 Pistol R 2250.00
  Double action alloy frame with 15rd. magazine capacity. Very good to excellent condition.  
6 22 mag NAA Mini- Revolver R 750.00
  Stainless "Companion-Magnum" with spur trigger & 1.62" barrel. Inc. factory pistol caddy & inside trouser holster. Excellent condition.  
7 9mmp FN-HP Pistol R 1950.00
  Chequered wooden grips. Very good condition.  
8 .22mag NAA Rev R 1250.00
  Stainless steel, black chequered rubber grips, soft carry bag. Very good condition.  
9 .357 Mag Dakota Single-Action Revolver. R 1450.00
  Safety catch to hammer, 5,5" barrel, colour case-hardened frame, brass backstrap. Very good to excellent condition.  
10 .44mag Ruger Super Black Hawk Revolver. R 2500.00
  Reblacked matt finish, chequered grips, 7,5" barrel. Very good condition.  
11 9mmp Vektor SP1 Sport Pistol. R 3750.00
  Factory fitted compensator, adjustable sights, extended mag release, match trigger & satin nickel finish. Excellent condition.  
14 9mmp FN- Browning HP Pistol R 1850.00
  Pachmayr grips, satin nickel finish. Manufactured 1976. Excellent condition but for missing magazine.  
15 .45acp Colt M1911A1 R 2250.00
  Combat customised pistol with nickeled frame, Pachmayr grips and Hi-profile combat sights. Excellent condition.  
16 .357mag Ruger GP 100 R 1650.00
  Stainless steel, 4" barrel. very good condition.  
18 9mmk Beretta M84 R 1250.00
  Double action, large capacity magazine. Very good condition.  
19 .410 Serena Shot Pistol R 300.00
  Single shot "snake" pistol. Good condition.  
20 .22lr Astra Mod 7000 R 375.00
  Complete with original box, instructions, cleaning kit & spare magazine. Very good condition.  
21 .9mmp HS 2000 Pistol R 2650.00
  Complete with original box & spare magazine. Very good condition.