Category G : Modern Longarms-Auction 36  
2 7,9x57mm Walther Rifle R 3750.00
  Early classic German sporting rifle. Walther barrelled M98 Mauser action with good bore. Custom trigger, spoon shaped bolt. Good overall condition.  
3 .22lr. BSA Martini International Sporting Rifle R 1850.00
  Target rifle cut-down to sporting rifle configuration with 23" barrel & 4X32 Bisley Deluxe scope fitted. Good plus condition.  
4 12ga Breda O/U Shotgun R 4500.00
  Single selective trigger ejector with 30" barrels choked full & half. Pistolgrip stock. Very good condition.  
5 12ga. Vickers O/U Shotgun R 2950.00
  Double trigger, non-ejector with 28"barrels choked full & half. Italian made. Good working order/condition.  
6 12ga Rizzini "Argo" O/U Shotgun. New R 9500.00
  Multi-choke, single-selective trigger ejector with 28" barrels. Fully-engraved sideplated action. Gun is new in box with choke set, instruction manual & swivels.  
7 20ga Rizzini "Dominium" O/U Shotgun New. R 10000.00
  Factory cased Multi-choke, single-selective trigger ejector gun with 28" barrels. Complete with spare chokes, instruction manual & optional swivels. Condition-New in box.  
8 12ga Dumoulin S/S Shotgun R 1850.00
  Boxlock non-ejector with 32" barrels choked full & full. Greener crossbolt with sideclips to action. Pistolgrip stock with chequered wrist & fore-end. Some light pitting to bores, tight action, good overall condition.  
9 12ga Browning "Twelvette" S/Auto Shotgun R 2250.00
  Belgian made s/auto with two-shot magazine, aircraft aluminium alloy anodised receiver, 25,5" ventilated rb barrel plus spare 27,75" ventilated rib barrel. Manufactured 1954 to 1972. Very good plus condition.  
10 12ga Eibar S/S Shotgun R 1950.00
  Boxlock non-ejector with 28" barrels choked 3/4 & 1/4. Engraved colour case-hardened action. Excellent condition.  
11 .270win Boehler Sporting Rifle R 5500.00
  Built on M98 Mauser action with 24" barrel carrying open sights. Chequered wrist & fore-end with cheekpiece to walnut stock. Good plus condition.  
12 7x57mm BSA Sporting Rifle R 6500.00
  BSA's Mauser based action with dove-tailed flat-top receiver, adjustable trigger & hinged magazine floorplate. Nikko Stirling 4X32 scope. Monte-Carlo walnut stock with better than average figure to it. All in good plus original condition.  
13 .22 Hornet BSA Hunter Sporting Rifle R 1500.00
  Flat-top dove-tailed receiver, 24" barrel. Cheekpiece to walnut stock. Pitting to barrel, rifle is suitable as a donor stock/action for rebarreling.  
14 .30-06 Mauser M66 Sporting Rifle. R 13500.00
  Mausers' "short-stroke" M66 action offered the option of barrel interchangability. Monte-Carlo stock, double-set trigger, 24" barrel, very good condition.  
15 .300 win mag Browning BAR Sporting Rifle R 3750.00
  Gas operated semi-auto rifle with 24" barrel & open sights. Ideal for recoil reduction. Very good condition.  
16 .308Win Remington Woodmaster Model 742 Rifle R 2500.00
  Semi-auto sporting rifle with 22" barrel & 4-shot magazine. Very good condition.  
17 6,5x64mm Mauser Custom Sporting Rifle. R 6500.00
  Fullstock rifle on M98 Mauser action, built 1986 by "A. Wilhelmi". 21" Barrel, Lynx mounts to receiver, ebony fore-end tip, chequered wrist & fore-end. Very good condition.  
18 7x64mm FN-Sauer Sporting Rifle. R 12500.00
  Model 200 manufactured by Sauer for Fabrique Nationale. Set trigger, 24" barrel with open sights, 2-7X Redfield scope. Two-piece walnut Monte-Carlo stock. All in very good condition.  
19 .303 No.4 Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 Target Rifle. R 950.00
  Savage manufacture. Leather strap to wrist for better grip, tunnel foresight base to front sight, Parker-Hale bases to receiver. Good condition.  
20 7mm rem mag Sporting Rifle. R 3500.00
  Converted Winchester made P-14 rifle with 26" sporter barrel & 4X Weaver scope. Profiled action. Chequered wrist & fore-end. Good condition.  
21 .357Mag Rossi Puma L/Action Carbine. R 1850.00
  20" Barrel. Very good to excellent condition.  
22 .22lr. Brno Mod 2 Sporting Rifle R 1500.00
  Inc. 1,5-3,5X Tasco world class scope plus 10 rd. magazine. Good original condition.  
23 12ga Beretta  S56E O/U Shotgun R 9500.00
  Single trigger, ejector, field gun with 28" barrels choked full & modified. Very good condition.  
24 7,62mm Sportco Target Rifle R 1950.00
  Australian single-shot target rifle. Tunnel foresight, 26" medium-heavy barrel. Good original condition.  
25 .22 Anschutz & 12Ga Baikal Combination R 850.00
  Bolt action sporting rifle with 5-rd. magazine & sling. Single shot hammerless 12ga. Condition on both as new.  
26 12ga Winchester Defender Pump-Action Shotgun. R 1250.00
  Seven-shot "riot" gun. Excellent condition.  
27 12ga Brno S/S sidelock Shotgun R 1950.00
  Non-ejector with 28,5" "SPECIAL POLDI ELEKTRO" steel barrels. Choked 3/4 & 1/2. Very good plus condition.  
28 .303 P-14 Rifle R 1450.00
  Winchester manufacture, sporterised stock with chequered wrist & fore-end. 4X32 Scope fitted to flat-top receiver. Good to good plus condition.  
29 7,62mm RSA Target Rifle R 3750.00
  Complete with Parker-Hale PH5E target peep sight. Very good to excellent condition.  
30 8x57mm Mauser Sporting Rifle R 3500.00
  K98 Mauser barrel & action in Monte-Carlo sporting stock with 3-9X40 Ultraoptec scope fitted. Good plus condition.  
31 7,62mm RSA Target Rifle R 375.00
  Complete with tunnel foresight & target peep sight. Very good to excellent condition.  
32 .270win Musgrave S98 Sporting Rifle R 6500.00
  Open sights to 24" barrel. Walnut stock with chequered grip. Good plus condition.  
33 .270 Brno ZKK 600 Sporting Rifle. R 5000.00
  Deluxe model with Monte-Carlo stock. Metalwork in good condition. Pad replaced, stock refinished with poorly executed attempt at recutting chequering.  
34 .30-06 Remington Mod 721 Sporting Rifle R 6500.00
  Bolt action with 24" barrel carrying open sights. Bushnell Sportsview 3-9X40 scope fitted. Good bore, very good condition overall.  
35 .22lr Krico Bolt Action Sporting Rifle R 950.00
  Five shot magazine, 22,5" barrel. Very good condition.  
36 9,3x62mm Musgrave Rifle R 14500.00
  M98 Deluxe model with open-sighted 22" barrel & 2-7X Leupold VX11 scope on Lynx mounts. Monte-Carlo stock with chequered wrist & fore-end. All good original condition.  
37 .458win Mag Winchester Mod 70 Rifle. R 19500.00
  "Super-Express" post-64 model rifle with 22" open-sighted barrel. Monte-Carlo stock with chequered wrist & fore-end. Very good to excellent original condition.  
38 12ga. Breda O/U Shotgun-Cased. R 9000.00
  Single selective  trigger ejector gun with 27,75" barrels choked 3/4 & 1/4.Full engraving coverage to action, triggergaurd & fore-end iron. Superior grade stock. Leather case. A high grade gun in excellent condition.  
39 12ga. Perazzi MT6 O/U Shotgun-Cased. R 17500.00
  Single selective trigger, multi-choke, ejector with 29" barrels. Three spare chokes + choke wrench & stripping tool to hard fleece-lined case. Mint bores, 98% bluing, tight action. All excellent condition.