Thank you for everyone that participated in Auction 68, our second live auction!

Click here for the Auction 68 list of UNSOLD items

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Table Of Contents
  • Collectables
  • Muzzle Loaders
  • Edged Weapons
  • Collectible Hand Guns
  • Modern Handguns
  • Collector Long Arms
  • Modern Long Arms


Whilst every effort is made to correctly identify lots, Classic Arms accepts no responsibility for possible fakes or "repros" not identified as such, given the high standard of post war Nazi reproductions in particular.

Key to Abbreviations:

  • NLR . No License Required
  • S/S. Side by Side
  • Bbl . Barrel
  • S.A . Single Action
  • D.A . Double Action
  • Ga. Guage
  • PC . Poor Condition
  • FC. Fair Condition
  • GC . Good Condition
  • EC . Excellent Condition
  • GWO. Good Working Order
  • VGWO . Very Good Working Order
  • EWO . Excellent Working order
  • GWOC . Good Working Order and Condition
  • VGWOC . Very Good Working Order and Condition.