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  1. .22lr ISSC

    Semi Automatic rifle with a 10 round magazine, 20" barrel that is threaded for a suppresor, synthetic stock with a Mossy Oak finish View More


  2. .458 Win Mag Mauser

    .458win built on a Mauser action with a 24" Walther barrel fitted with Express type sights View More


  3. .458 Win Mag Winchester

    The Model 70 is no ordinary bolt action. The Model 70 still has the famous 3-position safety which is convenient to operate with the thumb of your firing hand, lifting the firing pin away from the sea... View More


  4. 12 Ga Brno

    Brno shotgun with pistol grip , 28"barrels which are choked 3/4 & full View More


  5. 12 ga Simpson


  6. 12 Ga Zabala S/S Shotgun

    12 Ga Sidelock S/S shotgun. The barrel is in good condition and the overall condition is very good. View More


  7. 12Ga ATA Engraved O/U Shotgun

    Full engraving to action, select grade walnut stock, multi choke 29" barrels single selective trigger ejector action View More


  8. 12Ga Ata Woodcock Shotgun

    OVER & UNDER SHOTGUN The ATA model SP Over & Under shotgun embodies the synthesis of 50 years of master craftsmanship and contemporary technology. The SP over & under shotgun is offered with either... View More


  9. 12Ga Atis Semi-Auto

    Atis Semi-Auto Shotgun good working condition.Standard mag capacity 3 + 1. Barrel - Good plus View More


  10. 12Ga Baikal

    Side by Side 12Ga Shotgun manufactured in the USSR by Baikal, 28" barrells wich are chocked full & 3/4 , Professionally refurbished , barrel condition good View More


  11. 12GA Baikal Shotgun

    Baikal O/U shotgun has a 26" barrels witch are choked 1/2 and full,ST,EJ Overall - Good plus condition View More


  12. 12Ga Benelli Comfortech

    Multi-choke 26" barrel, comfortech wood finish stock, adjustable angle & length to stock. View More