Sporting and tactical rifles

  1. 223Rem Anderson

    Anderson .223 semi-auto rifle. Rifle is built on an AR platform with with various rails for attachment of accessories. View More


  2. 9mmP Chiappa M1-9

    9mmP Chiappa semi automatic carbine , uses Beretta 92 magazines , 19" barrel , reciever is milled for mounting of optics View More


  3. 9mmP Grand Power Stribog

    The Grand Power Stribog is a 9mmP tactical rifle , comes with two magazines one holding 20rounds and one holding 30 rounds , 12" barrel , features a folding stock View More


  4. Sanna 77

    9mmP Sanna 77 hand machine carbine View More


  5. Vektor LM5


  6. Vektor LM5

    The Vektor LM series of rifles are based on the Military R4 & R5 rifles , designed to be legal to own for civilians View More